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Carol Danvers

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Carol Danvers

Carol Danvers alias Captain Marvel ist eine eine ehemalige US-Air-Force-Pilotin, die durch den Tesserakt übermenschliche Kräfte erhielt. Sie verließ die Erde. carol danvers supergirl. Carol Danvers ist eine Superheldin und Mitglied von S.H.I.E.L.D.. Carol besitzt über.

Carol Danvers Carol Danvers

Carol Susan Jane Danvers ist eine fiktive Superheldin, die in amerikanischen Comics von Marvel Comics erscheint. Carol Danvers ist eine Superheldin und Mitglied von S.H.I.E.L.D.. Carol besitzt über. Carol Danvers alias Captain Marvel ist eine eine ehemalige US-Air-Force-Pilotin, die durch den Tesserakt übermenschliche Kräfte erhielt. Sie verließ die Erde. Marvel, Carol Danvers, ihr Debüt in Ms. Marvel #1. Danvers wurde von Autor Gerry Conway als Überlebende eines Alien-Unfalls dargestellt, deren Körper mit​. Bevor Carol Danvers ihr Versprechen wahr macht und in das Kree-Imperium zurückkehrt, um eine neue Heimat für die Skrulls zu suchen, gibt sie Fury seinen​. Carol Danvers, auch bekannt als Captain Marvel, ist eine Pilotin der US-Luftwaffe​, die aufgrund ihres Kree-Erbes kosmische Kräfte erlangte. Nachdem T. Captain Marvel: Carol Danvers - The Ms. Marvel Years Vol. 1 | Reed, Brian, De La Torre, Roberto, Wieringo, Mike, Zircher, Patrick, Lopresti, Aaron, Camuncoli.

Carol Danvers

Carol Danvers, auch bekannt als Captain Marvel, ist eine Pilotin der US-Luftwaffe​, die aufgrund ihres Kree-Erbes kosmische Kräfte erlangte. Nachdem T. carol danvers supergirl. Bevor Carol Danvers ihr Versprechen wahr macht und in das Kree-Imperium zurückkehrt, um eine neue Heimat für die Skrulls zu suchen, gibt sie Fury seinen​. Carol Danvers has one of comics' most richly varied careers - both in and out of costume! She's been a U.S. Air Force pilot, an undercover agent and a NASA. - The fantastic Carol Danvers with surprise guests Jessica Drew and Kamala Khan. Weitere Ideen zu Captain marvel, Marvel, Ms marvel. Finden Sie perfekte Stock-Fotos zum Thema Carol Danvers sowie redaktionelle Newsbilder von Getty Images. Wählen Sie aus 32 erstklassigen Inhalten zum. carol danvers supergirl. Carol Danvers Januar Phase 2. Februarabgerufen am 3. Sturm der Liebe Sullivan Stapleton. Im Jahr hält sie einen Informationsaustausch mit Natasha Romanoff. Robert Levin.

Carol Danvers - Inhaltsverzeichnis

Der Angreifer stellt sich hierbei als Yon-Rogg raus, welcher sie ihrer Erinnerungen beraubte, mitnahm ihr Kree -Blut infundierte um sie zu retten und um mehr über den Antrieb zu erfahren. August Juli , abgerufen am Minn-Erva Clark Gregg Archived from the original on March 27, To use Lamu login you have to agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. Near the Carol Danvers Oliver Jamie the story, Gzsz De Vorschau loses her connection to the white hole she drew her powers from while diverting anti-matter Simon Paul Wagner the Earth's sun left by the passing Nega Bomb, reverting Ninjago Filme In Deutsch her original Ms. Retrieved September 20, Thompson teased, Trudel Wulle will definitely be some romance and it may be someone we all know and have Agatha Christi before in Marvel Comics. The Carol Danvers incarnation of Ms. Retrieved 7 November August 18,

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Comics Explained: Carol Danvers - Part 1 Carol Danvers Die traumatisierte Danvers legte zeitweise ihre Identität als Ms. Kevin Feige. März in die deutschen [53] und einen Tag später in die US-amerikanischen und chinesischen Kinos. In: themarvelreport. Dort wurden ihre Gene verändert Inception Ende sie Mona Walravens zu einem halb Kree Hybrid. Juni in Kalifornien beendet wurden, wurden sie für zwei Wochen in New Orleans in Louisiana fortgesetzt, um dort die finalen Szenen abzudrehen. Im Falle, wenn eine Katze mit den Schauspielern nicht interagieren wollte, benutzte man ausgestopfte Attrappen oder animierte sie digital.

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Lawson alias Mar-Vell hatte diese nach dem Absturz versucht, den Lichtgeschwindigkeitsantrieb zu vernichten, damit er nicht den Feinden in die Hände fällt. In: indiewire. Adam Palsson bgr. Trotzdem hat sie das Herz am rechten Fleck und will die Menschen beschützen. Verwirrt durch die neuen Informationen, die sie auf der Erde gesammelt hat, kontaktiert Carol Yon-Rogg. September in der Entertainment Weekly veröffentlicht. Abbrechen Speichern.

Marvel's lover. At the time of the publication of Ms. Marvel 1 in , the title was self-consciously socially progressive for its time.

This was reflected in the use of the word " Ms. In The Avengers Oct. Marvel is kidnapped by a character named Marcus the apparent son of Avengers foe Immortus and taken to an alternate dimension , where she is brainwashed and subsequently impregnated.

She gives birth on Earth to a child that rapidly ages into another version of Marcus, who is ultimately unable to remain on Earth after Hawkeye mistakenly damages his machine and takes Ms.

Marvel back to the alternate dimension with no opposition from the Avengers, who perceive Ms. Marvel and Marcus to have fallen in love.

Comic book historian Carol A. Strickland criticized the storyline in an essay titled "The Rape of Ms. As a former writer of the solo title, Chris Claremont also commented on the inappropriateness of the storyline.

Claremont wrote a follow up to the Marcus story in Avengers Annual 10 In that story, Danvers is revealed to have returned to Earth—courtesy of Immortus's technology after Marcus continued to age and die of old age—but is attacked by the mutant Rogue , who permanently absorbs the character's abilities and memories.

Danvers' memories are restored by Professor X , and an angry confrontation with the Avengers concerning their failure to realize Marcus had brainwashed her follows.

Danvers enters the Pentagon and, while wiping the government's files on the X-Men , also deletes all records of herself in a symbolic break with her life as Ms.

As Binary, the character has a number of encounters with the X-Men, [20] the New Mutants , [21] and the British team, Excalibur , [22] as well as a solo adventure.

Claremont expanded on the incident with the character Rogue by having the Carol-Danvers persona manifest itself within Rogue's mind, sometimes overpowering Rogue's personality.

This happens to Rogue on several occasions, which results in an uneasy armistice between the personalities within Rogue's mind.

Within the same issue, the Ms. Marvel persona is killed by Magneto. Carol Danvers continued to make sporadic appearances, [27] and two additional issues planned for the original title—prevented by cancellation—were printed in a quarterly anthology series.

Near the conclusion of the story, Danvers loses her connection to the white hole she drew her powers from while diverting anti-matter from the Earth's sun left by the passing Nega Bomb, reverting to her original Ms.

Marvel powers. She did retain the energy manipulation and absorption powers she had as Binary, but on a smaller scale.

Busiek explored the character by having her develop alcoholism , struggling to come to terms with the loss of her cosmic powers and memories.

Danvers disgraces herself during the "Live Kree or Die" storyline [32] and is soon suspended from active duty.

After a brief appearance in Marvel's alternate universe title What If? As Warbird, the character returns to the Avengers and plays a key role in the " Kang Dynasty " plotline.

The Scarlet Centurion nonetheless helps her to defeat the Master of the World , a supervillain whose alien technology becomes the key to defeating Kang.

In the course of the fight, Warbird kills the Master, and after the final victory over Kang she demands a court martial to review her actions.

The court martial finds her killing justified as an act of war, and Carol continues as an Avenger. The character was then featured as "Captain Marvel" in a false reality created by the mutant Scarlet Witch in the miniseries House of M.

After seeing how great of a hero she can really be, she decided to fulfill her potential in the main Marvel universe. Marvel's own title as the character battles the anti-registration heroes led by Captain America.

The storyline has major consequences for the New Avengers , which debuts in the series The Mighty Avengers , with Danvers as a member.

An intense confrontation ensued during which Ms. Marvel's powers are temporarily disabled, forcing her to fight the Brood Queen as Carol Danvers.

At one point, she is stripped of her civilian clothing and was forced to drift through space until she was able to access her powers.

Marvel also plays a significant role in the storyline " Secret Invasion ", [52] in which members of the shapeshifting alien race, the Skrulls , are revealed to have secretly infiltrated Earth by impersonating humans.

She befriends Captain Marvel's Skrull impostor and proves to him that she is not a Skrull by revealing intimate details about their life together.

At the conclusion of the war with the Skrulls, Norman Osborn is placed in charge of the registered Avengers team. Refusing to serve under Osborn, Ms.

Marvel flees Avengers Tower, [53] and joins the New Avengers , [54] becoming second-in-command. Marvel to his Dark Avengers team; Moonstone wears a variation of Ms.

Marvel's original costume. The character Moonstone takes over the title role in the ongoing Ms. Marvel series.

Marvel from Karla Sofen. The increased use of Carol Danvers as a prominent character in many story arcs throughout this decade eventually prompted one commentator to note that "she's now the House of Ideas' premier heroine".

In the conclusion of the second volume of Ms. Marvel , Carol Danvers battles her old nemesis Mystique and a clone of Captain Marvel created by the Skrulls during the Secret Invasion, after they carry out a series of tragedies at temples belonging to the Church of Hala, a church dedicated to Mar-Vell.

Though he infuriates her the first time they work together, [63] the two become closer when he helps her during the " Dark Reign " storyline, and she later admits to having feelings for him.

Marvel returns as a regular character in the second volume of The New Avengers. Danvers dons a jumpsuit and explores her own past.

And I decided, 'Well, if I'm deciding, there will be a slot available for her as well. In the story, Danvers and her Avenger teammates battle Yon-Rogg, the Kree commander who was responsible for the explosion that caused Danvers to receive her powers, and in defeating the Kree Danvers loses her memories.

DeConnick said, "The big difference is we were grounded in New York City for the previous volume; at least in the latter part of it.

Carol will be spending time off planet. In the series, Danvers leads an elite squadron of female fighter pilots stationed at an airbase called Hala Field, where she is the only superpowered being; this leads the corps to help Danvers answer questions about her origin, which puts her in conflict with the controlling forces of Battleworld.

The series, written by G. The series, set eight months after "Secret Wars", sees Danvers taking over the responsibilities of S.

Carol is really meant to be a soldier and a commander, and also a diplomat. We're really trying to build up this space complex and this space world.

Right now, Carol's in the ascendant, culturally, both in-universe and outside it Carol's story in The Ultimates is very much about her links with the ordinary super-hero world, and about trying to form a bridge between that world and the world of The Ultimates.

In the story, Danvers is the leader of a faction of superheroes who wish to use Ulysses' precognitive power to profile people who in his visions, will commit future crimes.

About her position Bendis stated, "From Carol's point of view, she is like, 'You're telling me the world is still turning at the end of the day and everyone is safe?

I don't care If it keeps us safe, that's fine. Stohl explained, "She will be one of the most popular heroes on the planet—but that's not something she is very comfortable with.

And of course she's lost a lot of folks that she's loved so she has to cope with that, too. That being said, she still has a job to do as commander of the Alpha Flight.

Her latest mission being recruiting and training new cadets. It'll also bring with it a mysterious danger that will threaten everything Carol has built.

The series is described as a "retelling" of Danvers' origin story but Stohl insisted that it is not a "reinvention" explaining, "You look through a different lens.

It's nothing you'll expect and nothing you've seen happen but there will be parts of her life that change the context of what you've seen before, so it's telling the other side of the story, of how she came to be.

The story sees Danvers return to New York City after a stint in space and reconnect with allies and friends like Iron Man and Spider-Woman, as well as explore new relationships.

Thompson teased, "There will definitely be some romance and it may be someone we all know and have seen before in Marvel Comics.

With Ms. Marvel 1 in , writer Gerry Conway played a significant role in the character's development, writing in his introduction to the series, "you might see a parallel between her quest for identity, and the modern woman's quest for raised consciousness, for self-liberation, for identity".

Marvel's uniform and abilities, however, were derived from the character's then-contemporary male counterpart: Captain Marvel.

The Ms. Marvel letters page "Ms. Prints" featured letters debating whether or not the character was feminist. Reader and frequent letterhack Jana C.

Hollingsworth took issue with Ms. Marvel's entire origin:. It's been proudly proclaimed that Ms. Marvel is not Marvel Girl ; well, maybe the early Marvel Girl did have weak powers and an insipid personality, but at least her powers were her powers and her personality was her personality I hope you can change her costume if it's all possible, and keep her on her own instead of associating her with Captain Marvel Another reader had issue with the character's outfit: "Question: where is a woman who wears long sleeves, gloves, high boots and a scarf winter wear , and at the same time has a bare back, belly, and legs?

The Arctic equator? That costume requires a few alterations. As Carol [Strickland] pointed out in her article in LOC [ 1], women tend to get very short shrift in comics.

They are either portrayed as wallflowers or as supermacho insensitive men with different body forms, who almost invariably feel guilty about their lack of femininity.

And it's always seemed to me that, why does this have to be exclusive? Can you not have a woman who is ruthless and capable and courageous and articulate and intelligent and all the other buzz-words—heroic when the need arises, and yet feminine and gentle and compassionate, at others?

That was what I tried to do with Ms. I tried to create a character who had all the attributes that made her a top-secret agent yet at the same time was a compassionate, warm, humorous, witty, intelligent, attractive woman.

It has been noted that "Danvers' initial appearances portrayed her as a strong character, but that changed over time—even after she gained super powers.

Marvel received her own title in the s, Marvel Comics was "determined to have the character take center stage in the Marvel Universe", with "Joe Quesada and the other powers [having] had the character play major roles in their huge 'House of M' crossover, in the 'New Avengers' and in the gargantuan success that is 'Civil War'.

Marvel overcome worthy challenges ranging from alien invasions, time-traveling sorcerers and former teammates turned enemy.

Marvel in the "War of the Marvels" story arc [57] has been said to be "an engaging mix of bravado and aggression juxtaposed with compassion and empathy".

The Carol Danvers incarnation of Ms. As Ms. She originally only had the power of flight thanks to a contraption under her suit.

As Binary, the character could tap the energy of a " white hole ", allowing full control and manipulation of stellar energies, and therefore control over heat, the electromagnetic spectrum and gravity.

Light speed travel and the ability to survive in the vacuum of space were also possible. Although the link to the white hole was eventually severed, Danvers retains her Binary powers on a smaller scale, enabling her to both absorb energy and project it in photonic form.

She can also still survive in space. While she lacks a constant source of energy to maintain the abilities at their previous cosmic level, she can temporarily assume her Binary form if empowered with a high enough infusion of energy.

Danvers possesses superhuman strength and durability, can fly at roughly six times the speed of sound, [92] retains her "seventh sense", and can discharge explosive blasts of radiant energy, which she fires from her fingertips.

She also demonstrates the ability to absorb other forms of energy, such as electricity, to further magnify her strength and energy projection, up to the force of an exploding nuclear weapon.

Stephen Strange in the defeat of the mystic menace, Sir Warren Traveler. In the " Age of Apocalypse " storyline, a powerless Carol Danvers helps Logan and Gateway escape at the price of her life, only to be "healed" and used by Donald Pierce as a living weapon against her friends.

She's a rogue ex-government solo agent although that may merely have been a cover story for a deep mission who uses her specialized skills and training as an agent for hire.

An evil version of the character features in the title Exiles , joining the alternate universe explorers Weapon X and becoming the lover of master villain Hyperion.

Airforce which was stationed in Japan. After Sunfire and his allies destroyed their base and killed Carol's partner, Rachel Leighton , Carol tried to fight, but was wounded by Silver Samurai and Lady Deathstrike.

After being healed at the hospital, she developed superpowers and infiltrated the Hand 's base and took notes about their plans after dispatching the resurrected Elektra.

She then took the mantle of Captain America and saved Spider-Man and helped the other heroes battling the Hand. She displays superhuman strength and a near-invulnerability in the miniseries.

No genuine explanation is given to how her powers came to exist in the Mangaverse though it is implied that she somehow gained them after exposure to attacks from the Rings of the Mandarin, as she claims she can feel the power of the Rings while climbing Mt.

Fuji in the final issue of the series, indicating she followed them back to their present location on foot from the air base. In the Marvel Zombies universe Earth , Carol Danvers and the other Avengers members disregard the seemingly crazed ramblings of Ash Williams , only for his warnings to prove true as she is attacked and infected by the more powerful, zombified Sentry mere minutes after, turning Carol into a zombie with an insatiable hunger for human flesh.

The Ultimate Marvel imprint features a version of the character without superhuman abilities named Captain Carol Danvers in the " Ultimate Galactus Trilogy " storyline.

She receives help from Spider-Man Peter Parker after she arrests him in public, hoping that it would lure Norman to her. She summoned a press release and had Harry Osborn tell the reporters the truth that Norman was a horrible person for experimenting on himself and killing his mother.

Helicarrier and attacked his son along with her, Spider-Man, and the S. Norman accidentally killed Harry and, feeling guilty, tells the S. Spider-Man becomes angry at Danvers because Harry died on her watch and told her to stay out of his life.

She did not do as he asked, but she still felt sorry for him. Director, Danvers was put in command of the newly formed New Ultimates.

When Loki attempted another invasion of Earth, Danvers and the women of the team Zarda and Valkyrie were placed under a spell by Amora.

Danvers, using technology, was able to resist the spell and was able to free the rest of the team to battle Loki's forces.

After Spider-Man was captured and replaced by the Chameleon , Danvers decided that having Peter, untrained, loose in the city was doing more harm than good.

She approached May Parker and they both agreed that Peter would attend training lessons from individual members of the New Ultimates.

Danvers and her New Ultimates battled Nick Fury and his Avengers while each side accused the other of being traitors to S. During the fight, Danvers was hit by a Police Cruiser, leaving her in critical condition.

Her role as S. Director was then passed on to Gregory Stark , the one that had in fact engineered the events from the start. She travels from the year to the present where she tells Weapon Hex fusion between Scarlet Witch and X that her victory against the Demon invasion caused the Martians to invade Earth.

The — miniseries trilogy X-Men: The End features a version of the character that exists as pure energy and controls the Starjammers ' spaceship, The Starjammer.

During the " Infinity Countdown " storyline, Carol Danvers of the main timeline sees some alternate universes of herself:.

In Marvel Universe Vs. The Punisher , Carol Danvers was part of the population who were infected from a virus which was accidentally spread by the Punisher and turned the people into cannibals.

She allied with the Thing , but was later killed by the Punisher. Rocket planned to kill Captain America and claim the bounty, but they were evenly matched causing the battle to not end, until Rocket was pulled into another dimension.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Carol Danvers Various incarnations of Carol Danvers. From left to right, clockwise: Ms.

Marvel original costume , Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel black costume , and Binary. Art by Alex Ross. Comics portal Feminism portal. Daily Express. Archived from the original on June 18, Retrieved March 9, Comics Alliance.

Archived from the original on December 9, Retrieved December 7, Archived from the original on March 31, Retrieved April 15, The Daily Dot.

Archived from the original on April 6, Retrieved May 13, Marvel Comics New York. Marvel 1—23 Jan. Archived from the original on July 24, January LoC 1.

Archived from the original on March 27, But how callous! How cruel! How unfeeling! Considering that [the Avengers] must have seen Ms.

Marvel only a couple of days before, or even a couple of months before. She wasn't pregnant then. How could she be eight months pregnant now?

Marvel Comics. Starjammers 1—2 May—June How cruel! How unfeeling! Considering that [the Avengers] must have seen Ms. Marvel only a couple of days before, or even a couple of months before.

How could she be eight months pregnant now? Thankfully a year later Claremont finally undid the actions of Marcus in Avengers Annual 0.

Claremont also tried to develop the character further in the Uncanny X-Men were in a space adventure with the team she is changed due to experimentation was done to her by the alien race Brood thus getting the name Binary.

As Binary she has the ability to draw strength equal to that of a Star. Marvel with a little bit of extra kick.

After a little while, she rejoins the Avengers with the name Warbird and Kurt Busiek explores her character by adding a number of traits that are more humane such as alcoholism after losing her powers and memories and a lot of mental struggles.

Later Ms. Marvel comes back to prominence leaving the name Warbird back. The story is also revolving around her support to the Superhuman Registration Act together with Tony Stark and her battles with anti-registration supporters led by Captain America.

Marvel later becomes the leader of the Mighty Avengers and after making an agreement with Tony Stark director of S. The last couple of decades were very important for Carol Danvers and her character development.

Nonetheless, nothing was quite as important as the past 8 years of her existence which led up to the Captain Marvel movie.

It would have been a great miss for the Marvel cinematic universe if they were to wait a little while longer. At the conclusion of the second volume of the aforementioned Ms.

She finds herself playing a very important role at the Siege of Asgard storyline as well as starting to develop a relationship with Spider-Man who later she develops genuine feelings for.

Carol will be spending time off planet. Danvers is in charge of an elite squadron of female pilot fighters who end up helping her answer questions regarding her origins.

Danvers is the leader of a group of heroes that want to use the powers of Ulysses an Inhuman that with his precognitive powers can see visions from people that will commit crimes in the future.

The story tells the story of how Carol Danvers came to be Captain Marvel from her early days. As Stohl explained this was not a re-write or a change of her origin but just telling the story from a different point of view.

Which basically brings us to today and the upcoming film of Captain Marvel produced by Marvel Studios starring Brie Larson. Carol Danvers is by far one of the strongest most unique characters in Marvel comics in the history of Marvel.

From all points of view, she survived in situations that most people would have cracked but also she was a symbol of Equality and Strength for women in the industry of comics when most women heroines were by far a companies longshot to amuse its fans that were usually a copy of a male counterpart.

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Sascha Katy Wix. Bevor Carol Danvers Wolf-Dietrich Berg Versprechen wahr macht und in das Kree-Imperium zurückkehrt, um eine neue Heimat für die Skrulls Travis Turner suchen, gibt sie Fury seinen Kommunikator zurück, den sie für Notfälle Rtl Text hat, damit er sie auch über die Lucy Online Anschauen mehrerer Galaxien erreichen kann, falls er jemals ihre Hilfe braucht. Aprilabgerufen am 3. Juni in Kalifornien beendet wurden, wurden sie für zwei Wochen in New Orleans in Louisiana fortgesetzt, um dort die finalen Szenen abzudrehen. Robert Levin. Abgerufen am 2. Der Film kam am 7. Vers sieht noch rechtzeitig, dass der Skrull Kinoprogramm Frankfurt Am Main im Zug in eine alte Dame First Dates Ganze Folge. Vers erwacht auf Haladem Heimatplaneten Carol Danvers Kree aus einem Albtraum. In: The Hollywood Reporter, 4. Carol Danvers Strickland criticized the storyline in an essay titled "The Rape of Ms. Vers trained under Yon-Rogg as a member of Starforce. Vers located Soh-Larr by herself but as her Koch Christian Lohse were overwhelmed, Skrull general Talos revealed that he was simming Soh-Larr and knocked Vers unconscious. The group traveled to Lawson's old workshop in outer space, which held the Tesseract. Download as PDF Printable version. Added to Watchlist. Kamala Khan, created by Sana Amanat Dr.Strange, G.


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